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    Color front lights on Imagine

    Been working on this project off and on all winter.

    Parts list:
    (above is GS8208 LED strips, 1m IP67, you may be able to find them elsewhere) (optional, but very nice if you have a 3d printer. I attached to the passthru roof near the power switch, which is still used as a master cutoff)

    You'll also need a wireless point to connect this and your phone to in order to manage it. Does not necessarily have to go to the internet. I used a GL-Inet AR150.

    Google for tutorials on WLED, it's really powerful and pretty easy to use.

    I tried using the old LED strip power cords as a pull string for the new but it wasn't happening -- GD used a big connector that wouldn't pull through the frame. I had to remove the front inside wall in the passthru.

    No, we won't be running this all night everywhere. Only where and when appropriate.
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