Hey guys,

Our 378MBS-R came with the Insignia NS-RNG24SS9 24" Range Oven and it suffered what most people are experiencing with them, the igniters quit working at the worst time and then all you can do is use the stovetop with a lighter on standby. I decided to remove all of the screws on the back panel and see what I could do with the wiring and what I found was that the Spark Ignition Module was faulty and once I changed it out with one from Amazon that is an equivalent replacement everything started working again and we can use our oven again! I've attached pictures of the original module itself as well as the amazon link to the module that I used to replace it. You just have to make sure that it has the same wiring pattern and that you label everything as you remove it to make sure that all igniter wires go to the right places once you're done. I'm sure that it probably doesn't matter since the module outputs spark to all locations when triggered anyway, but hey, why not? haha

Also, if you have long arms you can accomplish this without needing to slide the oven all the way out of it's location. Just enough to be able to undo most of the screws on the back panel and push it out of your way to get to this module portion of the appliance and remove the two screws fastening it to the rear.

Amazon - ClimaTek Spark Ignition Module

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