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    Selling questions

    Through a series of events we now have to sell our nearly new 22RBE. It was used one time and we love it but we now require a toy hauler (it's a long story). RVing is all new to us so, of course, is selling an RV. Questions that come to mind include:

    1. How does one figure out how to price a months-old travel trailer? Is there a Kelly Blue Book equivalency for travel trailers?

    2. Are RV loans typically assumable by qualified buyers or not?

    3. If not, should our loan be paid off to establish clear title before putting it on the market?

    4. Are there any other issues or concerns that haven't occurred to us yet?

    Thank you in advance for any advice you can share.

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    1. KBB does have prices but in the current market they seem too far behind to be useful. I would start at or near what you paid for it, not retail. I just sold a Flagstaff for 25K that I paid 30K for in 2017. I never even got it listed, the 1st two days by the road I had a buyer and a backup buyer. I could have easily sold it higher if I knew better.

    2. I don't think most loans are assumable but check your contract. If it is assumed you could still be liable if they default.

    3. Paid off make it simpler which I did but the buyers bank seemed ok either way so I am not sure how much it matters. A cash buyer may require a clear title. It also may take a week or more to get the lien released.

    It is a great time to sell, not as good of time to buy as there are long lead times on most orders and dealer inventory around here is very poor.
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