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    james quinn

    which water heater in TT's ?

    Can someone tell me which water heater is in the TT's ? Model # ?

    Thanx, JimQ

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    Judging from some of the pictures of those that are on sale at dealers online I see I'm guessing it is an Atwood.

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    In my 2015 308BHTS the ATWOOD model # is : GC6AA-10E
    Capacity 6 gallon
    input BTU - 8,800
    Recovery Gal Per hour 7.40
    Pressure 13" WC
    Min Inlet Gas Pressure 11" WC
    For Input Adj Manifold Pressure 10" WC

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    james quinn
    thanx Brady,

    just my luck the one in my current trailer is fritzed (murphys law) so hoping that any parts that I guess wrong on will work with new one ... which is same unit.


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