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    Awning lights wont stay on on new 2021 Reflection

    We just purchased a 2021 Reflection 311BHS. After we got it home we noticed the awning lights would come on and then turn off after a few seconds and give a Fault Occurred error on the OneControl app. We then also noticed the outside kitchen refrigerator was not cooling and would give a clicking noise a few seconds after plugging it into either of the GFCI outlets. The light inside always stayed on however. We then plugged it into an extension cord into a nearby outlet not on the unit. It now is cooling fine. Guessing that the two issues are related. Any one else ever have anything similar or have any suggestions? Our dealer is 4 hours away so taking it back is the last option.

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    The awning lights and the refrigerator are not related. Your RV actually has three electrical systems: 1) the 12VDC automotive system for running and brake lights and the electric brakes, 2) the 12VDC house system that runs your interior lights, the water pump, and the control circuits for your air conditioner(s), hot water heater, and absorption refrigerator, as well as those problematic awning lights, and 3) the 120VAC house system that runs the little refrigerator outside, the electric heating elements in the hot water heater and the absorption refrigerator, the TV, microwave, and anything else you have plugged in to a 120VAC household outlet.

    I don't have hands-on experience with the OneControl system, but the awning lights sound like either a OneControl issue or a bad connection somewhere. There are usually only one or two GFCI outlets in an RV and everything else is on a circuit controlled by it/them. Sometimes different appliances don't play well in the same sandbox with GFCI outlets. For example, my wife's hair dryer is the only thing we have that will trip our GFCI outlet (and, as full-timers, we have a bunch of 120VAC appliances and gadgets). Perhaps the small refrigerator outside was causing the GFCI outlets to sense something that tripped them. Since both were doing it, I would suspect the frig, not the outlets. If the frig is working well, now, be happy and carry on. As for the awning lights, you might give LCI Customer Service a call in the morning and see what they have to say. I've found them to be extremely helpful when I've called them with questions or issues with their products.

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