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    Slide adjusters loose

    Something to take a peek at the next time you find yourself below the slide for some reason. I was lubing up the gear packs on my slide, and I had just finished watching the video [1] at Lippert which describes all of the various adjustments on my (not a Schwintek) slide. I found that the vertical room adjustment bolts were loose on my slide. The bolts themselves were backed off a good half inch from the plate they would be pushing against, and the jam nuts were spun down a ways doing nothing at all.

    Wouldn't probably be a big deal as long as the main bolts don't get loose for some reason, but worth fixing nonetheless. Depending on your particular setup, I suppose the bolts could fall out (on mine they probably would not, they hit the lip of the outer skin before they run out of threads). Easy enough to spin the bolts back up until they make contact, and then set the jam nut. I may squirt some threadlocker on just so they don't start backing off again.

    I also noticed a big glob of silicone sealant where the wiring enters the slide wasn't doing anything, it had flopped all the way loose because it wasn't really put in the right spot to begin with. Something to check for to avoid leaks.

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    I'm having an issue with mt 261bh where the corner of the slide closest to the sink drags on the floor as the slide travels in or out..
    We've has to place a scrap of linoleum down to protect the floor...
    I watched the video, and am curious to see what adjustment bolts may be loose...

    Thanks for the heads-up.
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