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    Actual Tire Pressure verses mfg. recommended maximum cold inflation

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the this picture to the poster!
    First let state I am in the camp of adjusting tire pressure to the load that the tire is supporting to insure full tread contact to the ground, the sidewall is part of the support. Many ways to accomplish this, use chalk on the tread face or roll through some water and observe how the tread is contacting the ground on a dry surface.

    The picture would indicate this is a well constructed tire that may have been overinflated. I am not above thinking there are defective tires.

    Given the heat that builds up from this years temperatures and speed some travel at, a tire will expand in circumference causing only the center tread to make contact with the road surface. Anyone ever notice how wheel chalk or X brace will loosen up some after the tire cools down?

    Manufacturers set there PSI ratings based on three thirty minute tests as required by Federal Standards, final test at maximum weight rating. They will always stick to the results as they do not have any other choice but to do so.

    Thoughts open for discussion and not on what brand is preferred.
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    Take a look at the article linked below.

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