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    Transcend Xplor-solar will not switch from battery when plugged in to shore power

    We purchased our trailer new in May 2021. We are having an issue where when plugged into shore power the battery will not charge. We assumed the converter was bad, but it is at the dealership right now and they have been troubleshooting it and are saying the converter is fine and the battery IS charging when plugged into shore power. They unplugged the solar panel on the roof before they started troubleshooting. Now that I have heard that I'm thinking maybe it is an issue with the automatic transfer switch. On the GD Solar FAQ page it states:
    Do I have to do anything with my solar system before I plug into shore power:
    No, your camper comes with an internal automatic transfer switch which will switch from battery as soon as you plug in*
    *On Transcend XPLOR - No. although it is good to shut off the solar charger when not in use.
    This tells me I shouldn't HAVE to do anything before I plug into shore power to switch it from solar.
    Initially we thought our issue was the battery will not charge when plugged into shore power, but now think our issue is it will not automatically switch from solar to shore power when plugged in.
    Has anyone else had this issue and how do I get the dealership to figure it out. They keep telling me it's working fine and they are two separate systems.
    Also, how do I shut off the solar charger when not in use?

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    The ATS only switches the AC inverter and shore power - not the 12 VDC battery/solar system. Both the converter/charger and solar charge controller are hooked up to the battery at the same time. No need to shut off the solar charger. It's automatic and knows when the battery does not need any charge.

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    I've got a transcend 261bh with the solar package...

    I don't have to do anything to charge the batts from shore power... I just plug the trailer in.

    I have a battery monitor because we camp off-grid regularly and it will show an increase in charging amps when you plug in.

    I normally see 10-12 amps of charging on a hard sun day. This will increase to 25 or so when plugged in.

    What I find interesting is how the shore power charger won't charge the batts fully, I need solar to top off the last 3-4%...

    (Running 2 GC15s, in series)

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