I have 2 of these Estone stereos in my 355TH. I like the look, size, factory appearance and ability to control speakers in 3 zones. I have looked at replacement with another brand of RV stereo but they all suffer from low quality and power output. I have considered a add on power amp but in the past have found adding more power to cheap stereo just magnifies the distortion. Anyone done this ? If so what parts did you use and how were the results ?
I have replaced all 10 factory speakers with 2 or 3 way JBLs for a slight improvement but amp cannot push or drive them.
Lots of nice auto type units out there but none I have found have 3 way zone or come close to factory size or look. I also have looked for a flush mount 3 zone speaker switch that could be used with nice auto unit with no luck.
I am not a rocker type loud is not important. I just want good clean quality sound.
Any input greatly appreciated.

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