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    Refrigerator not cooling

    We're experiencing an issue with our Norcold refrigerator. Since new (7 months) we've had to keep it set on 9 to keep things cool. One side of the freezer won't freeze ice however the other side is Artic cold. Within the last week the refrigerator will not run on any setting more than 4. I have a call into our preferred remote technician for later this week.

    Any others experience such an issue?

    We are full-timers so our fridge is critical.

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    We full-time since last August and have the 12cf Norcold. No problems with cooling EXCEPT when it needs to be defrosted which is about every 4 weeks. As long as we do that and regularly remove ice from the drain tray in the fridge section, we have no problem.

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    Alan and Kathleen
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    Now the fridge has stopped working altogether. We'll get a small one to handle the medical needs until our repairman can get here. I can't imagine having to remove the fridge around the island and out the door. Never had a fridge problem with either of our previous RV units. It's mechanical and things break...

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    Remote technician says if the refrigerator has to be removed in our 379FL it will require a trip to the dealer for the slide to be removed. He measured the area around the island and doesn't think it can be removed. I'm wondering if the island can be unscrewed and moved over enough to allow the fridge to go out the door . Anyone had to replace their fridge?

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    Ours was replaced last fall in our 303......the slide did not have to be removed......that sounds like major bullsh&% !!! Not sure the dimensions in your 379 but I think the RV tech is blowing smoke up your orifice that the slide has to be removed.

    Dan & Carol
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    I seem to be having the same problem in my 379fl. If I turn the refrigerator up to high my food freezes but on setting 7 nothing is really frozen in the freezer. It takes 2 days for ice to freeze on the bottom but my ice cream on the top shelf is barely frozen like I can scoop it oit with a plastic spoon. Anyone have a fix for this or should I call customer support? 2015 379FL bought in January

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    I had the exact same issue with mine and called a technician out to look at it. He hit some reset button. I have had no issues since. Works great!

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    Ours working so far GD379FL 8 months now
    Nelson & Susan
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    We are FTing and FT Work we have a few more years till we can travel

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    Having temperature issues with ours. Been running on 9 to keep the freezer cold enough. We have temperature swings all the time. One day it will be 25 in the refrigerator, the next 45. Freezer varies from 5 to 25. Needless to say, ice, ice cream and all the other things are not too happy at 25 degrees. I was told that these refrigerators are not as robust as a residential one and you can't pack them full of food. There needs to be space all around to let the air circulate. We are trying to adjust so that the temp will remain constant. I will have the dealer take a look when we make a visit.

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    Wrong, I have always crammed them full and they do great. Even our Atwood is still working and runs all of the time-lucky so far but watching it

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