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    Had a chance to talk to Don Clark - President/CEO/Co-Ower of Grand Design today!

    Hey guys, I just needed to share an awesome experience I just had with Grand Design - I had the chance to meet with Don Clark - the President/CEO of Grand Design in person!

    I had spoken to my dealer about the rally we were looking to put together in October, and mentioned the registry in passing when I stopped to pick up my 375RE after some work was done. The next day, Mark Bodnar called me back, and mentioned that Don would be at the dealer Monday (today) and that Don wanted to see if I had time to stop by and chat. Needless to say, I made it work.

    When I arrived, Don and I sat down, and just had a one-to-one chat - could have been two guys sitting down for a drink, it was that casual. We talked about everything - family, experiences, and about GD for close to two uninterrupted hours. Without going into excessive detail, I brought up to him some of the issues that have been voiced here (without names) and he explained quite a bit. There are a lot of good things going on over there (I will let the GD folks decide what is for public sharing) but the axles and water leaks were something that is DEFINITELY on Don's radar - and there are things being done to address them.

    The really, really cool part was this - Don gets it. He is an integral part of the GD process (when an executive can name the component manufacturer, list previous ones used and why they changed, etc that's pretty impressive). He sincerely wanted to hear what we were going through on this page and is very interested in creating a means for us to be able to bubble up ideas/concerns to them to be incorporated into future models or improvements to future ones. I am very much looking forward to what they may look like in the future!

    Long story short: I was very impressed with the fact that he would take the time to meet with an "every day Joe", and send the time to listen. he didn't check his watch, or allow himself to be interrupted with a phone or anything. It's just another reason I am glad I purchased my Grand Design!

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    Thank you for the great and detailed report! What gives me the most encouragement and hope is that he was totally engaged with you and did not allow any distractions to make your interaction less than it was. The wheels of industry don't turn as fast as we, or he, would like, but even with market success (10,000 plus units), I believe GDRV wants to correct the current issues, and rise to the top of the mountain in quality!
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    Yes--what an opportunity for you both to share feedback and thank you, for letting us know about the meeting. Your post seems to confirm the commitment from Don (and I trust Bill and Ron too) to stay on top of critical areas and make real change not just lip service. They have demonstrated a desire to listen to owners/other stakeholders and implement improvements. It would be informative and appreciated for them to provide feedback on this forum on the critical areas Don talks about (and others) so we in fact know what is hot and what was or is being done.

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    That is great to hear. When I was having experiencing all the problems with my 337, Don took the time to call me at home to let me know he was involved with the resolution. It gave me a lot of confidence in GD.

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