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    310GK Generator Shroud removal?

    I recently took delivery of a Solitude 310GK-R, it has the generator prep package, which I thought I wanted. In fact, every available one in my area had the package. My wife and I are planning some longer trips and thought an onboard genny might be beneficial, until we got a quote for the genset and installation. It was quoted at $9500, which is absurd. A super quiet Champion 4500 watt dual fuel inverter can had for $1100…. It could ride in the forward bay, or the back of the truck.

    My real question is, has anyone removed the generator compartment shroud from the front bay and recovered the large storage space that exists above where the generator would have been installed? Seems a logical location for solar charge controller and inverter etc. There is a lot of wasted space up there…

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    I decided to tackle the generator shroud removal and it was ridiculously easy. There are only 4 self-tapping bolts holding it down. I removed the 2 that are easy to see. Then I used a razor knife to slice the sealent along the entire inside base of the shroud. It cuts pretty easy. On the wall side where you cannot easily get to the other two bolts, I used a grinder underneath the trailer to grind them flush with the floor. My plan was to drill them out from underneath but instead I tried pushing a crow bar along the floor inside of the trailer under the shroud. Tapped the bar with a hammer and they popped right out. The sealent comes right off with a putty knife and I suddenly have an amazing amount of usable space!

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