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    260RD 12V Fridge Retainers Pulled Out


    We are owners of a 2022 Reflection 260RD that is equipped with the solar package and 12V Furrion FCR16DC Artic 2-door refrigerator(large). Since purchase last spring, we have used our rig on 3 previous outings to local GA state parks and private campgrounds.

    On our latest outing this past weekend, we stayed at a nice new private park in Northeast Florida with a level concrete pad. After I opened up the slide, I noticed that the left upper trim and retaining clip around the box that houses the refrigerator was popped forward and pulled loose from small wood screw (comes in from back of box). Fridge could be moved around quite a bit and free from opposite retaining clip on right. I measured the unit as level and I could move the trim back into place with little effort (except for screw pulled out keeping it from flush fit). Operation of fridge was normal and we did not experience any issues with use or door operation during stay.

    When I closed the slide up, and took another look at issue, the fridge was pushed forward around 1/4=1/2" on left and free of left and right retainer. It was difficult to push the fridge back into box and could not get trim piece back to flush. As a precaution, I pushed up on the top of fridge and slide our plastic kitchen dust pan under the unit (appears to be sitting on a wooden panel) to allow us to return home. Did not notice any creeping of unit during travel on return home. It could be my imagination, but I also think I noticed that the slide was taking the travel to close harder than before (especially during the last 1/3 of travel) and carpet under front of unit (on part of floor that slides in/out was slightly bunching up.

    I have a request in for service and wanted to see if anyone else had seen a similar issue. Really hard to see where two small clips that are fitted between the wooden box and trim (no actual screws with clips to fridge or solid section of box) hold this large unit in place.

    Attached image is of the unit with slide IN.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Furrion Fridge IN.jpg  

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