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    TV Signal? 303 RSL

    Never really wanted a TV in an RV but since it's there I thought I may as well confirm operation.. unsuccessfully. Not having a lot of luck getting simple instructions from the manual.
    Hooked up to cable in an RV park, from park outlet to "Cable" on the Nautilus panel. No signal after going through the various Input on the remote.
    Tried it off antenna with the same result. Haven't been able to figure out how to move the TV to inspect rear connections but they are connected - I just don't know the config.
    Swapped the cable above the TV in the LH cabinet to the 'other' unlabeled 'F' connection, again nothing.

    If someone can give a simple and quick explanation I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'll stop by the dealer and see if he can explain without me dragging the 303 to town.


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    Hi Gary & Erin:

    We have been really amazed at what we have been able to find on FTA (free to air) through the antenna. The digital picture quality is amazing. Even in parks offering cable, we choose to stay with our own antenna.

    Connections could be your problem. Ours were mixed up when we got our 303. The antenna booster (red switch and light next to the antenna crank) needs to be on.

    The TV is mounted to four keyhole attachments. It lifts up about one inch and then out towards you. Can need a bit of "force" to execute this.

    Lots more help available on this forum (chime in guys . . .) you should not need to drag your 303 back to the dealer.

    Cate & Rob
    2015 Reflection 303RLS

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    It's my own fault Rob.. I was pretty disinterested in TV operation during PDI. Should have known I'd want it to work and how, whether I use it or not. Never know, it could be the doghouse one day.
    But the manual(s) are quite generic.

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