I always appreciate the great feedback given on this site, whether it's expertise, or simply a similar experience from other GD owners. Unfortunately, my wife and I are still a few years away from full-timing, so when work calls, the rig sits...sometimes for 2-3 months. Usually when this happens, I use a small amount of bleach in the fresh water tank, and circulate it through all the lines and drains, and it eventually ends up in the grey tank...this way, bacteria doesn't grow and cause the bad odors. By the way, we live in the desert so the heat just exacerbates this issue. We have recently noticed foul odors coming from the black tank...and no, its not full! Actually, on our last stop before returning home, I drain it, thoroughly flush it with the internal sprayers, then add chemical and about a gallon of water...but we purposely don't use it on the way home. The question is, when we know it's gonna sit for awhile, should we just drain it and leave it empty..not even add chemical?
I purchased a product called Pure Power, and was told it would be effective to completely clean the tank. I will add it about 4 days before our next trip, let it slosh around and the road, and then drain at the RV Park.
I am interested in any advice or input regarding your practices, and what is best for the system, and for our noses!
PS...does anyone have gauges that read properly, or was that just a penny saving flaw by GD?