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    Direct tv versus Dish

    Looking at getting satellite but can't decide between direct or dish, hope to get some info from fellow rvers also do we need to buy the satellite(winguard, etc) or just use the one they give for free?

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    Dish is slightly less expensive. You can also cut the service on and off if you're not using your RV in certain seasons.

    You can purchase the hardware very reasonably on for Dish Network. The Winegard automatic dishes are really nice, but the manual dishes allow you to move the dish around if you're camping under trees, etc. They're not that difficult to setup once you get used to them.

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    If you have Dish at your house you can purchase a receiver 211z from CW ($89 PC) and pay a extra $10 per month to use in your trailer. Dish has HD available with the G2 and other dishes. You can also purchase as you go. You can also do the same with Direct tv but need to get the receiver from them. We have had both and prefer Dish. Winegard G2 is what we have now which can be used with either Dish or Direct.
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    When I checked out both systems, I decided on Dish for the prices and the ability to shut it off when not on the road. We went with the Winegard Pathway X2 satellite dish, and VIP211Z receiver. This makes the system portable so I can move it around to avoid trees. It also is fully automatic. I just plug in the coax, turn on the receiver and in about 5 minutes, it's acquired the signal. Finally, this set up allows me to get both the East Coast and West Coast satellite feeds so I can get a signal anywhere in the lower 48.

    Here is a hardware bundle from Amazon:

    We also bought the tripod to put the Pathway X2 on:

    Finally, we purchased 20 feet of medium duty chain and two padlocks which allow us to secure it to a solid object such as the RV bumper or a tree.


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