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    Solitude vs Momentum - Quality Issues?

    We owned a Solitude 369RL and LOVED it. Not a single issue in the time we owned it. Felt rock solid, towed like a dream and we had one warranty issue in the time that we owned it. We decided to get a Grand Design toy hauler and bought the Momentum 380TH this year. Been out several times and we've had a number of issues with the garage door, microwave, stairs, etc. and our warranty punch list is two pages long right now. We still like GD products but the Momentum does not "feel" as well constructed as the Solitudes or there is a lack of QC on the Momentum. Is it hit or miss when you buy an RV?

    Has anyone else went to a Momentum from a Solitude? Would be curious to hear your thoughts....we're almost considering going back to a Solitude.

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    In my opinion, the early production units had much more QC inspection time and the build times were much slower, allowing a better job of assembly. By the time the 380TH's came out, demand has climbed to the point that the factory is pushing out units as fast as possible allowing more mistakes to be made. Just my humble opinion.
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    We started out in a Solitude 369RL and had one of the lower number ones. DH missed his garage (we FT), so in January of 2015, we traded it in and got the Momentum 380. We LOVE it! Have had no problems and have found it to be just as well built, as the Solitude.

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    Thanks for the replies. Our Solitude was amazing.....and sometimes sorry we traded it in. The garage and extra beds we the big incentive for us. We like our Momentum, just frustrated with the long list of issues we have had with it. In all fairness, GD and the dealer are taking care of it, but it has been weeks for repairs and it feels like the list gets longer every time we're in it. Just wondered how others were feeling and really appreciate the feedback. Thank you Pam and Specularius above.

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