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Thread: New Floor Plans

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    New Floor Plans

    Every once in a while I look at the GD website... especially for new floor plans. Well, they've issued some new ones. It'll be interesting to see if any of them show up in time for the RV show in Ft. Worth this January. Some look interesting.

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    Well, I know I didn't imagine the new floor plans, but they're back to the original two on the website... what gives?

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    Thought I was crazy you see it now you don`t ??

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    Glad to know it's not just me... I was looking forward to seeing the new ones before buying new in March.

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    Website is always being updated
    2018 Freedom Elite 24FE, 2 Yorkies, and my wife MARILYN, HAM call K0LCB. Traveling around this great country, making friends and seeing lot of beautiful and interesting places

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