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    Looking at a 375RE, and I'm wondering if there are folks that have one, or another GD that is just as heavy, and might be using an F350 to pull it? We've been pulling a Bighorn, that has a GVWR of the same 16,000 pounds. Empty, it weighs less than the 375RE, which comes in at 13,800 lbs. Our truck has a tow capacity of 15,800, and the Bighorn was certainly loaded. Dry weight of the Bighorn was approx 12k. Long way of asking, F350 owners, Single Rear Wheels, anyone towing the 375RE or heavier?

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    If you haven't before it'd be good to weigh your truck loaded ready to camp including passengers and full fuel and see what payload you have available relative to the truck's GVWR and GRAWR. The loaded pin weight of a 375RE will be 3600# or more...your decision whether you're comfortable with that.

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    We have a 2001 F350 DRW which is not rated to pull our 366 Den. I added airbags and a performance chip. This has helped but I must definitely avoid mountains. The right thing to do is to check your specs . I may also add an exhaust brake.

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    It is my understanding that when you buy a truck it is rated from the factory for a maximum use. Anything you do or add to it won't change that rating, am I right or do I misunderstand?

    Yes, you can add heavier shocks springs or put on air assists! But, you still have the original rated truck. If you happen to have an accident you still have a truck rated at the factory figure. Is that correct, if not please explain how you get that rating changed?

    If it is correct, the accident investigation team will base findings on the factory rating and disregard the extra equipment that was added to the vehicle

    I don't intend to be critical, just don't want anyone to get caught in a mistake. Please, if I am wrong let me know.

    Bob G

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    I believe you can get an F350srw rated to an 11500 lb GVR. That would get you to a 3600 lb payload.
    Some stares do have a process to increase the GVR rating. In PA where we live it is possible.
    Check your states DOT website. I pulled my 379 with an f250 with bags and an extra leaf and was able to get a level ride?.
    I have since gone to a dually and the ride difference is like night and day.

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