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    Extra Battery Cutoff Switch

    I know this has been addressed in another thread, but I have a question on installation for all the electrical engineers. I'm putting in a cutoff switch so that my battery has no draw on it when it's in storage and everything I've read, says to put the cutoff on the negative side of the battery. GD put the battery cutoff on the positive side. Does it make a difference?
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    If you open either side, the battery will be out of the circuit. If you open negative side you have less chance of getting a spark. All the 12 volt circuits are grounded through the chassis
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    Quote Originally Posted by LCBoyer View Post
    If you open either side, the battery will be out of the circuit. If you open negative side you have less chance of getting a spark. All the 12 volt circuits are grounded through the chassis
    I agree with LC. Either side will accomplish what you want.

    Putting the disconnect on the negative side likely comes from "always remove the negative battery connection first" which is good advice because you are swinging the wrench amongst brackets, braces, etc (automotive reference) that are at the same electrical potential. Going at the positive terminal first means that if the wrench touches any grounded metal, you have a short that could blow up the battery. I once saw the result of someone getting his ring jammed between the wrench on the positive terminal and a body brace. It wasn't pretty.
    Once the negative cable is removed, there is no potential circuit between the positive terminal and the body.

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    Also, in a lot of applications there is only one cable on the neg. post but several on the pos. so makes it a little easier to intercept the neg. with a cut-off.
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    An old friend of mine when in the Air Force was a jet mechanic. He had to deal with a lot of high voltage all the time. They would shut them down before working on them but there were components that would hold a charge. What they trained him to do was when working on anything that was electronic was to first touch it with his thumb and forefinger of the same hand first. The hopes were that electricity seeking the shortest route would make a quick circle blowing out the ends of his thumb and finger but not go all the way through his body. He never believed it but luckily never had to find out firsthand.
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